What are signs I need moisture control services?

There are a number of signs that you may need moisture control services ranging from visible fungi/spores built up on the wood in the crawlspace, to stringy or down insulation, to gaps or humps in hardwood floors, to sticking windows and doors. If you live on a crawlspace we recommend that you have it checked regularly to make sure there are no issues with it even if you are not noticing any of the above.

Why do I need to control moisture in my basement or crawl spaces?

One reason to schdeule moisture control services is to make sure you are not conducive to secondary termite infestations, as well as if left alone wood destroying fungi can grow and eat the wood. Other issues may consist of damaged door down insulation in the crawl space and non-decaying funguses growing on the wood.

How do I get rid of mosquitoes?

Keeping water from standing anywhere helps but it is best to get set up on a routine regimen having treatments done. That's why we offer monthly pest control!

Can my pet go outside after you treat my lawn for mosquitoes?

We ask that you wait approximately an hour before letting pets and people back into the yard, but then it is completely safe for them. Our monthly pest control services do not interrupt your everyday life.

What are signs of bed bugs?

Finding blood spots on the sheets or droppings and shell moldings on the bed or under it are good indicators that you may have an issue. If you think you have bed bugs, schedule bed bug removal right away!

Where do termites come from?

Termites in our area are subterranean meaning they come from underground. To be sure that you are not dealing with a termite problem in your home, be sure to schedule a termite inspection.

When do termites typically infest?

Termites eat and scout year-round however the reproductive swarms happen mainly during the springtime but sometimes during the fall in our area. The best way to check for termites is with a termite inspection.

What types of damages do termites cause?

Termites destroy wood to a point that there is no strength left in it. Because of these dangers, it is important to schedule a termite inspection.

Can I still get termites on a slab foundation?

It is a very common misconception that it is unlikely to get termites on a slab. As a matter of fact, it is just as likely to get them on a slab as a crawl space. However, it is much more difficult to find them on a slab space, as typically they will have to show damage or have a reproductive swarm before some people know that they have them

How often should I get a pest inspection in my home?

We recommend that the you do not go any further than one year between pest control inspections.

Can I be home during the treatment or will I need to leave?

You can be home during most of the strongest treatments. However, there are a few exceptions such as flea treatments where you will be asked to leave your home during treatment

What areas do you service?

We service from Carteret county to the South Carolina line

Why should I choose Riggs?

We are a local, family-owned, family-operated business dedicated to treating customers with respect and great work for fair prices. We always treat your house as if it were our own and not only spray your house but custom build it to any issues you may have. As well as educating you on the way, why, and what we are doing instead of trying to rush out and make a quick dollar.