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Looking For Humidity Control Services?

Learn about our humidity and drainage control services in Hampstead & Wilmington, NC

The morning dew might look pretty on the outside of your house, but if that moisture seeps into your walls, it could cause major problems over time. If moisture gets trapped in your basement or crawl space, it'll create a prime environment for framework damage and mold growth-especially in this humid Hampstead & Wilmington, NC climate.

Riggs Moisture, Termite, & Pest, LLC offers humidity and drainage control services. Rely on us to keep moisture out of your house. For details about our drainage and humidity control services, call 910-620-1202 now. Don't forget to ask about our free estimates.

Everything you need to keep your crawl space dry

Your crawl space and basement are both ideal environments for water damage, which can spread without your knowledge. You can count on your humidity and drainage control specialist to:

  • Line your crawl space with a vapor barrier
  • Install dehumidifiers in your crawl space and basement
  • Restructure your basement drainage system
  • Add new sump pumps to your basement

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