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Protect your Family From Pesky Mosquitos

Get mosquito control services in Hampstead, NC

Are you getting eaten alive by mosquitos? The mosquito control program from Riggs Moisture, Termite, & Pest, LLC in Hampstead & Wilmington, North Carolina can banish those buzzing pests from your yard for the entire season. First, an exterminator will meet with you for a consultation. We'll determine the extent of your problem and plan a solution. Then, we'll visit your property once a month from March through November. Our process is especially effective because it eliminates mosquito larvae and adults, breaking the mosquito life cycle.

You should be able to enjoy your yard in peace and comfort. Schedule mosquito control services from Riggs Moisture, Termite, & Pest in Hampstead & Wilmington, North Carolina today.

Mosquitos bites can be harmful

Mosquitos are more than just annoying. They also carry and transmit a variety of harmful diseases. Many people try to use candles and oils to ward off these bothersome insects. However, these methods rarely work. Routine services from Riggs Moisture, Termite, & Pest can effectively exterminate mosquitos, making your yard a safe and enjoyable place again.

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